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What's Harming Your Health?

Believe it or not, cash register receipts may be causing you diabetes, obesity, or other chronic diseases!

Cash register receipts along with plastic bottles, soup cans, cosmetics, flame retardants, pesticides and a number of other common items that you come in contact with on a daily basis contain harmful items known as endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs).

These EDCs go by “fancy” names like bisphenol A (BPA, you’ve probably seen or heard many plastic bottle companies touting that they are BPA free), phthalates, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT),  polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and a number of other long named chemicals.

These EDCs disrupt your body’s natural hormone balance which leads to altered metabolism, cell development and cell growth.  These EDCs have been linked to chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, infertility, ovarian cancer, prostate conditions, thyroid dysfunction, neurological problems as well as other unwanted illnesses.

In fact in a recent report the Endocrine Society shared the following:

Emerging evidence ties endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure to two of the biggest public health threats facing society – diabetes and obesity, according to the executive summary of an upcoming Scientific Statement issued today by the Endocrine Society.

They go on to report:

The evidence is more definitive than ever before – EDCs disrupt hormones in a manner that harms human health,” said Andrea C. Gore, Professor and Vacek Chair of Pharmacology at the University of Texas at Austin and chair of the task force that developed the statement. “Hundreds of studies are pointing to the same conclusion, whether they are long-term epidemiological studies in human, basic research in animals and cells, or research into groups of people with known occupational exposure to specific chemicals.”

You can read the summary of their findings along with a link to their latest release here:

Endocrine Society Executive Summary

You need to pay attention to the chemicals that are being used in our foods, household products, water, personal products and in our food chain. These chemicals are numerous and found in many commonly used products. This paper goes on to share that “The chemicals are so common that nearly every person on Earth has been exposed to one or more.” Not good! These items that are purported to be safe may actually be making you ill.

How to Minimize Your Exposure

Your job is to become more knowledgeable about these harmful chemicals, learn where they are found and how to minimize your exposure.

One great resource to learn more about these harmful chemicals, how to avoid them and to obtain EDC free products is from our friend Carol Trimmer over at  She has a wealth of knowledge on this subject and can help steer you in the right direction.

In case you missed it, I recently interviewed Carol from Pure Living Space who is an expert on this very topic.  You can find the interview here:  Carol Trimmer from Pure Living Space Interview.

To help you reduce the likelihood of EDCs causing you ill health follow these tips:

1.  Become knowledgeable about what EDCs are and where they are commonly found.

2.  Minimize your exposure.  Eat clean foods, drink clean water, use green products, and breath clean air.  At there is a FREE 12 week course that will provide you with most of this information.

3.  Participate in periodic nutritional detoxification programs.  A nutrition detox program helps cleanse your liver and body which will help you better eliminate these harmful products from your body when you’re exposed.  We are exposed to EDCs to varying degrees so make sure that your detox pathways are in tip top shape to help package and expel these unwanted chemicals.

For more information about nutrition detox programs or testing to evaluate your toxic exposure please contact the office and I would be happy to discuss them with you.

As always I hope this information has served you and will take you one step closer to your desired health goals.

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