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About Us

Hainesport Chiropractor

We’d love to help you recover and live your healthiest life

As a chiropractor since 2001, Dr. Michael Kirk appreciates every patient he’s helped in Hainesport and the surrounding communities over the past few years. Now, in addition to offering quality chiropractic care, he offers a functional medicine approach for whole body healing. “With the number of patients I’ve helped over the years, every day the power of chiropractic care and natural healing is ingrained in me more and more.”

Family Wellness Care

We take care of everyone in your family, from your little ones to grandparents. While many visit us with condition-specific issues looking for relief, we’ll work to help you heal and maintain your health. We take an integrative approach to your healing so you can recover thoroughly and stay well.

From providing migraine relief to nutritional support and help for chronic health issues, we welcome you to discover how our unique approach to care can help you reach your optimal health potential.

Functional Medicine

Through functional medicine, we’ll look at different facets of care to ensure you achieve whole body healing. By taking a look at your entire lifestyle and making healthy changes, we’re seeing our patients find results faster and results that last longer.

Our integrative and functional medicine approach to care puts your goals at the center and addresses physical, dietary, emotional, mental, social, and environmental influences that affect your health. read more»

How We’re Different

Performance Health and Chiropractic is one of few practices in the area that takes a whole body, whole lifestyle approach to wellness. Our gentle care, coupled with our passion to help you achieve your goals, means health is just a phone call away.

  • We focus on our chiropractic philosophy and address nutrition through functional medicine.
  • We are not a high-volume practice. We cherish our patients and give you the quality time you deserve.
  • We are a husband and wife team that welcome you to enjoy our serene healing environment.
  • We are patient focused and family centered, treating you like a part of our family, not a number.
  • We educate patients to help them live a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle so you can get well and stay well.

We’d love to help you recover and live your healthiest life. Schedule an appointment today and meet trusted chiropractor, Dr. Kirk!

Performance Health and Chiropractic | (856) 727-8300