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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Performance Health and Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,,

Dr. Michael Kirk

I Am in Good Hands

Barb at the front desk was very pleasant and welcoming. Dr. Kirk ask me questions about what was wrong and what I expected to get out of my treatments. He listened to talk about my aches and pains. After meeting with Dr. Kirk I knew my neck was in good hands and that he would do his best to help me. – Eric V.

Dr. Kirk and Barbara are Fantastic!

Dr. Kirk and Barbara are fantastic. The practice came highly recommended and they did not disappoint. I walked in to the office with great discomfort and woke up the next day with nearly no pain after Dr. Kirk’s expert and personalized adjustment. Absolutely going back! – Amber W.

Dr. Kirk Was Amazing!

Dr. Kirk was amazing! He took the time to get to know me and discussed the issues I was having. He provided a detailed plan of what he can do and what we should do moving forward. Barb in the front office was extremely nice and made my visit feel like I was already apart of their family! I highly recommend Dr. Kirk, he pays close attention to all your concerns. -Robert G.

Very Professional

Dr.Kirk is very professional and educated. He spends time listening to how you feel so he can make a proper plan for you. My favourite part of my visit is that Dr.Kirk educated me on why I am feeling this way so I have a better understanding. -Harlee B.

Thank you!

I shared with Barbara that I thought this visit was the best chiropractic visit I had ever experienced. Dr Kirk was thorough with his questions, explanations, and especially with the examination. I look forward to finding better overall health and relief of my symptoms. Thank you. -Elsa M.


First visit …. Wow! Very impressed with explanations and attention to detail. I’m not new to chiropractic doctors but Dr. Kirk is different in many ‘good’ ways. Taking an overall health view and not just your back. Explains all the inter-connection of your nervous and muscle systems and how they interact with each other. Fully explained what he does and what he expects you to do. I’ve been going to chiropractors for over 30 years and so far this Doctor sits with the top 5. One appointment and I’m already this impressed! -Bradley H.

Comforting Experience

From not knowing anything about the chiropractic world and placing my trust into Dr. Kirk, it has been a very comforting experience. He has been very receptive to any details, large or small, that will help my progress and is able to suggest alternatives to my lifestyle that may help outside of the office. I am very happy I made the commitment to take advantage of all that chiropractic has to offer. -Eric R.

Migraines and TMJ

I have suffered from migraines and TMJ for years but recently have been having daily jaw/facial pain and worsening migraine symptoms. I was getting a migraine once a week for two months, having to leave work and disrupting my daily life. After seeing Dr. Kirk for the first time a few weeks ago, I have not had one migraine since! I feel myself progressively getting better and am finally having days (after years!) with little to no jaw/facial pain. I am excited to see these long-term results and am also regretful it took me so long to receive chiropractic care! Thank you so much! -Katelyn G.


“I started to suffer from extreme sciatica pain in August of 2006. Over a period of 8 months, I was given prescriptions for pain killers from several doctors. Nothing stopped the pain. I tried physical therapy, hydrotherapy and on 3 occasions, I was given steroid shots. I also went to an acupuncturist 9 times. After the 9th session, the acupuncturist told me to stop coming because it wasn’t working. I then went to a neurologist who told me I had only 2 options…surgery or I could “live with the pain”.

I then went to Dr. Kirk. He told me I would need 12 weeks of chiropractic treatment. As I began treatment with Dr. Kirk, the pain began to gradually decrease and in exactly the 12th week I was pain-free for the first time in 11 months. (Dr. Kirk even opened his office on a Sunday just for me on an occasion when my pain was extreme). If you are suffering from sciatica, Dr. Kirk is The Man!” -L.W.


“About 30 years ago, I suffered severe neck pain and found out nothing could be done after my personal physician’s medication failed. I sought my local chiropractor and in a few months found relief and a cure.

In April, I developed a sciatica pain in my right hip and leg which caused discomfort night and day. Again, after medications and three injections did nothing, I thought I‘d try a chiropractor. Lucky for me, Dr. Kirk was opening his practice in Moorestown and started his treatments in June until the end of August. We have progressed and can enjoy a normal life doing chores and playing golf, etc. As a preventative measure we are consulting with Dr. Kirk for continuing visits on a routine schedule.” -William S.(age 88)


“The complaint that brought me to Dr. Kirk’s office was a stiff neck and a pinch on my right shoulder blade. I had recently started a strenuous exercise program and attributed my discomfort to a muscular problem. A massage provided no relief. My mattress was only a month or tow old and I wondered if I had the wrong kind since I was waking up with the shoulder pinch.

Finally I was referred to Dr. Kirk. I have been to other chiropractors over the years and never before had such a thorough, comprehensive evaluation. Dr. Kirk put together a complete treatment plan: correction through preventative maintenance.

After a few adjustments all signs of the shoulder pinch were gone. No longer was I waking up with a stiff neck. All of a sudden I noticed the range of motion in my neck was greater. My husband noted I was not grumpy in the morning any longer. These discomforts I had been tolerating without being aware they existed until they were gone.

I am grateful for the kind and caring service I receive from Dr. Kirk and Barb every time I visit. I value the quality of care they provide. Thanks a Million!!! -Patricia G.


“My name is Charmaine F., age 53. Two months ago, I came to Dr. Kirk with severe pain in my left shoulder. A year ago, I fell and thought the pain would eventually go away. After 2 months I could not move my arm, lost strength and felt like it was being ripped from my shoulder if someone touched it or moved it in the wrong way. I went to an orthopedic doctor, had x-rays, a MRI and received several shots for pain with no results. I tried therapy and more shots. I could not lie on my arm and would wake up all during the night due to the pain.

One day while talking with a customer at work about everything I tried, one of Dr. Kirk’s patient’s suggested I give him a call. At first, I thought this is not going to work, but give it a try because Barbara and Dr. Kirk were so nice and told me I would see results. By my third visit, there was less pain, more movement and hope again I would get use of my arm back.

Thanks to Dr. Kirk, my shoulder is 99% better and little or no pain. I would recommend his services to anyone in need.” -Charmaine F.


“Kevin was diagnosed with scoliosis in September of 2006. Instead of waiting to see what would happen with the curve in Kevin’s back, we decided to seek chiropractic care with Dr. Kirk. At the end of Kevin’s treatment Dr. Kirk had been able to straighten Kevin’s’ spine back to almost perfect alignment. The results were way beyond our expectations. Dr. Kirk took the time to explain everything to us about Kevin’s treatment and was very patient in answering all of our questions. It was comforting to know Kevin was in such competent hands. We had a great experience in all our dealings with Barbara and Dr. Kirk.” -Terry S.


“I started to come to Dr. Kirk about 3 months ago for horrible migraines. Before coming here I had gone to my doctor, to neurologists, had an MRI done and been on numerous medications, none of which had been able to offer any relief. I was getting 1-2 migraines every week that would last for 2-4 days. They were incredibly severe so the only medicine that offered any type of help were strong pain killers. I was going through my days drugged. I felt like I had tried almost everything I had thought may even help.

It wasn’t until I was supposed to run in the Philadelphia half marathon but was sidelined because of a horrible migraine that I realized I had to try something else. I talked to my primary care doctor and she recommended trying out a chiropractor.

I came to Dr. Kirk’s office for my initial visit and he was optimistic that he may be able to help me. My first visit I came in with a migraine and immediately after I noticed my symptoms start to dissipate. Within the first week my migraine broke. I am very happy to say that since I have started to receive treatment from Dr. Kirk, I have not had anywhere near the severity or regularity of migraines that I used to.

Going from 4-6 migraines a month to none in the course of treatment is absolutely amazing. I am so happy and delighted by the treatment I have received. To this day, I am thrilled to say I am migraine free!!! Thank you Dr. Kirk for the wonderful care. -Rachel G.


“Last summer and into the fall, I was experiencing severe headaches, vertigo, and nausea. Some of the time the only relief would come after bedrest. I started on a program here in January and the above symptoms went away after the first adjustment on my neck. I am about halfway through the program and to date have not had any headaches or vertigo. Dr. Kirk is very thorough in his treatment and he spends the time explaining the problem. When I have reached the end of my program, I will continue with monthly maintenance.” – Carole C.


“I have been struggling with back pain for almost a year. Finally, after seeing my doctor & x-rays, etc., he referred me to Dr. Kirk. I was a little nervous at first but after meeting Barbara & Dr. Kirk, I felt very comfortable. I really like the way Dr. Kirk listened and took all the time needed for me to explain everything. Well, here I am 2 months into treatment and feel fantastic. I can get out of bed and not feel 90. I feel 21 again (even though I am 41). I can’t express enough how Dr. Kirk has helped me. Thank you again!” -Mindy L.


“I came to Dr. Kirk because I was suffering from lower back and neck pain. I am 55 years old, and I have had these pains for more than 5 years. X-rays done by an orthopedist confirmed that I had scoliosis, but all he offered me were pills for the pain. In the past five years, I have tried yoga for flexibility, acupuncture for the pain, and weight training to strengthen my muscles. All of these helped a bit, but I knew I something was missing.

Friends encouraged me to see a chiropractor. I chose Dr. Kirk because his office was an easy walk for me. Once I met him I realized the “missing piece” in my treatment. I needed solid information to make good decisions about living with my body. Besides his up-to-date knowledge of his field, Dr. Kirk is a great listener, and I trust him to guide my progress with his suggestions tailored to my needs. He is encouraging, realistic, and a very capable chiropractor. I appreciate his concern with helping each person and reaching out to the community. Barbara is always patient with scheduling, and she gives the office a stress-free and pleasant atmosphere. I feel very lucky I found them both!” -Arlene G.


“I had been roller skating for around 30 years and then I had a car accident. Someone hit me in the rear doing about 35-45 miles per hour. That really shook me up and started my arthritis to hurt. I was in water therapy for 3 months and then I was referred to Dr. Kirk. Last night I was back on my wheels after 4 years off.

I’m 72 years old and feel like I’m starting all over again. Thank you Dr. Kirk!” -Priscilla M.


“My daughter Elizabeth was in a lot of pain in her neck and back. We had taken her to get x-rays and an MRI and both came back fine. She still complained so we knew she was not fine. My sister saw and article in the paper for Dr. Kirk and how he helped teens with the same complaints as my daughter, so we thought we would give it a try. My daughter was very pleased with the results of her care. She told me even after the first treatment that she felt better. She has said that her neck and back feel so much better since she has come. I am very pleased with the care Dr. Kirk has given my daughter.” -Michelle H.


“I am an athletic 12 year old who swims. I was getting cramps in my arms, hands, & feet which were affecting my race. After only 2 visits of seeing Dr. Kirk, the cramping was gone! In my next swim meet, I dropped six seconds off my time & I’m feeling great! Thank you Dr. Kirk!! -Rachel M.

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