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Which Would You Choose?

Good Health OR Chronic Disease?

I know the answer seems like a no brainer but I’m always shocked at the response I get and the contradictory actions that people take.  Actions speak louder than words.

Let me explain.  Some time ago I took to social media in order to truly try and understand how people think and feel about health so I can better help serve people.

When given the choice between good health and chronic disease the vast majority of people, there are always a few that don’t care, choose good health.  HOWEVER the decisions they make in life are not healthy decisions but poor decisions that lead them down the path toward chronic disease.  Why?

In fact here is the exact question I asked:

Ok…..I need your help for a project I’m working on.Given a choice between having good health or chronic disease I would assume (I know about assuming :) that most individuals would select good health. However many don’t as demonstrated by the decisions they make.My question to you is why is that? What obstacles, excuses, problems, etc. do you see that people experience that keep them from making healthier choices (i.e. no time, too much money, etc.).As always I appreciate you and your feedback!! Thanks!!”

Floored by Respones

This one post alone generated just about 60 different comments.  I was floored by the number of responses but was even more shocked by many of the responses people shared.  Some I anticipated and others were new to me.

Some of the responses to why people want good health but make the opposite disease promoting choices were as follows:

No time, too much money to eat healthy, like the taste of food that is not good for me, not eating good has been the way I have eaten since childhood, people are lazy and looking for a quick fix, lack of access to accurate information, working out takes time, too confusing, it doesn’t matter, social influence, lack of will power, hate cooking/preparing food and the list goes on.

Now I wasn’t out to judge but rather try to completely understand the human psyche.  It’s their health an ultimately their responsibility so what they choose to do or not do is their choice.

But after all of these insightful answers I still remained perplexed.

It made no sense to me.  They told me that YES they want good health but have a “million” reasons as to why they don’t make healthier choices.

One of my responses to the group was as follows:

Thanks again! I’m truly trying to understand this for something that I’m working on so I’m not judging or pointing fingers, just trying to understand. For those that shared its too expensive I would like to know compared to what? I see health as your best INVESTMENT because without it LIFE becomes much more challenging and much more expensive. For some people it is just about cheap calories to survive I get it. But most people that state it is too expensive are the ones that have cell phones, cable tv, internet etc. So is it too expensive or priorities? Also exercise can be FREE (walking, pushups, home routines etc.), stress reducing techniques, adequate sleep FREE. So is it too expensive or something else? Most individuals do have a choice when it comes to improving their health by making better lifestyle choices. Even many folks w/ chronic diseases can improve their situation. May never be 100% but better than where they were. There are very few who can’t improve their situation for the better. I am truly appreciative for your input and this conversation! Just trying to understand so that I can SAVE the world hahahaha!!”

I’ve seen and worked with “poor” people who don’t have much money, who don’t have a gym membership, who are busy working multiple jobs to make ends meet and yet despite all of these possible “excuses” are the epitome of good health.

They have the same amount of time as all of us, may have less financial means then many of us yet they are in better health then most.


It’s not because they have more time, not because eating healthy costs any more or less for them, not because they have access to more accurate information then we do, or any other “excuse” you can think of.

What I’ve concluded from all of this was that those who want good health but make choices that bring them closer to chronic disease do so because they have NOT yet made their health a PRIORITY.

Those that are healthy are where they are because they did make their health a PRIORITY.

Easy as that!

What I hope you to take away from this is that good health is not about the next fad diet, not having enough money, time, etc. but about YOU looking at yourself in the mirror and making YOU and your HEALTH a priority and getting to work on it.  That is if you truly desire good health.

Commit Today

By committing to making your health a PRIORITY you have taken a MASSIVE step toward success.  By continually prioritizing your health you will make time to exercise and prepare meals.  You will “find” the money to buy healthier foods and make better choices.

So right after reading this I want you take a moment and take a long look at yourself in the mirror and ask:  “What do I want for my life:  good health or chronic disease?”

Write your answer down and get working on it.

Good health takes a little more work than chronic disease but the benefits are worth every bit of effort you put into it!

If you need assistance with motivation, a healthy plan, inspiration, or accountability let me know.  I’ve helped coach hundreds of people who have made their health a priority to better health and would love to help you reach your desired goals.

So get out there and make your health a PRIORITY!

As always I hope this information has served you and will take you one step closer to your desired health goals.

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  1. Carol says
    Oct 20, 2015 at 10:34 AM

    I love this article. It's so true that the makings of good health happen when you make it a priority. I had never thought about it that way. I realize now that the times that I prioritize my healthy habits - sleep, exercise, nourishing food, mediation - are the times that my health is at its best. Thanks!

    • says
      Oct 20, 2015 at 12:52 PM

      Thanks for sharing Carol! I'm glad you enjoyed! Making your health a priority often leads to great outcomes :)! Stay well and we'll chat soon!

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