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What's Dr. Mike Doing In NYC?

Hey Everyone,

I’ve got a fun post for you this week.  I really think that you’ll enjoy this one.

It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine.  Well there’s no better place to get some laughter into your life then at the Jimmy Fallon show.

So this past week my wife and I went to New York City to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary and to go see the Jimmy Fallon show live.  If you like to laugh I would highly encourage you to do this.

Needless to say we had a blast at the Jimmy Fallon show and laughed so hard.

As I am always thinking of how I can add more value to your life, I decided to shoot a short video right at Rockefeller Plaza to share with you the powerful health benefits of laughter and why you should include more of it into your day.

Click on the video below to soak up some of NYC with me.

After watching the video be sure to LIKE IT (or not if you didn’t care for it.  Leave me some type of interaction:) ) and leave a comment sharing your favorite form of comedic relief.

As usual I hope you found this information valuable.  Please share it with others.

Have a great weekend and until we meet again: Eat Well, Move Often and Stay Healthy!

Dr. Mike

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