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Power, Money, And Soda?

I would like to start with a very simple Yes or No question:  Is soda good for your health?

To me the answer is a no brainer.

Now I’m sure a few jokesters out there would say that it is healthy but I believe that the vast majority of you answered NO, soda is NOT good for your health.  And I would reply to you that you are correct.

So let’s first start with the health benefits of soda.  Ok here we go…….there are NONE!

Zilch, zero, nada health benefits associated with soda consumption.

Soda brings nothing to the table of good health.

Now let’s look at the adverse health problems associated with soda consumption.

  • It’s full of empty calories (no nutritional value other than calories).
  • It’s full of sugar and in most cases not your everyday sugar (which is bad enough) but artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).  Both artificial sweeteners and HFCS are linked to increased risks of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and a whole list of chronic diseases.
  • The phosphoric acid in soda can dissolve the enamel on your teeth, leech minerals from your bones and contribute to osteopenia, cause kidney stones to form as well as other kidney issues.
  • Soda contains caffeine which has been linked to high blood pressure, irregular heart beat and other undesired health implications.
  • Drinking soda can dehydrate you over time.

So it’s very simple.  If you want to improve your health then don’t drink soda.

Unfortunately for some people this is easier said than done.  The specific formulation of soda with sugar and caffeine lights up the addiction centers in your brain and make you crave it and want more.

And then there is soda marketing and advertising which is created with the sole purpose of making you want to buy their product.  And these big soda companies spend BIG bucks to accomplish this task.

Also these BIG soda companies pay “research” groups to “prove” that soda does NOT cause chronic health conditions.  It’s pseudo-science that is paid for by the soda companies themselves.  I guess when you have a product that has ZERO health benefits then you better make it look as good as you can.

In fact soda giant Coca-Cola has been in the news recently for funding a health research organization that shifts blame away from sugary soda drinks as a cause of obesity (  REALLY?  All of the other literature points to sugary sodas (YES diet soda included) as one of the contributing causes to our current obesity epidemic.

And Coke says “It’s important to us that the researchers we work with share their own views and scientific findings, regardless of the outcome, and are transparent and open about our funding,” said the company.  WRONG!  If they conducted a truly evidence based study and shared the TRUTH they would no longer receive funding by Coke.  Why would Coke fund a study that shows a link between their sugary products and obesity?  It would be crazy to do so.  So guess what?  Coke hires an “independent” company that shares similar views as them.  Essentially they pay this company to get the outcome that they desire.  Easy as that!  That’s ridiculous and is not science.

And Coke with all of their cash is purposely trying to mislead the public by PAYING for a group of “researchers” (more like paid consultants for Coke) to demonstrate that sugary soda is not linked to obesity.  What an OUTRAGE!  Unfortunately Coke and many large food companies for that matter don’t give a darn about your health or mine.  The sole purpose of the company is to make a profit and unfortunately it’s at the expense of our health.

Be Informed

When it comes to soda, processed foods and all the other junk foods out there please be informed before you consume.  It’s your best protection.  Don’t take the word of the giant food and beverage companies.

They may put creative marketing phrases like high fiber, 100% Vitamin C, low fat, no added sugar, no trans-fat and a whole slew of “healthy” phrases but just realize that if it has more than 3-5 ingredients then most likely it’s processed junk and not good for you and your health.

I focus in on soda here but the same pertains to all the big “food” processors.  It’s all about big profits at the expense of our health.

The bottom line is that if you truly desire good health and want to avoid chronic disease then you should consume whole foods (meat, veggies, fruits, nuts/seeds, eggs, etc.), drink clean water and herbal teas and avoid processed foods (just about, with few exceptions, any food that has more than 3-5 ingredients and comes in a bag, box, can etc.).  Very simplified but you get my point.

It’s your health and your responsibility so choose according to your health goals!

As always I hope this information has served you and will take you one step closer to your desired health goals.

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Until we chat again remember:  Eat Well, Move Often and Stay Healthy!

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