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New Study Reveals That Moderate Physical Activity Could Reduce Your Risk Of These 13 Cancers

We have all heard that exercise is good for our health.  It can help you lose weight, improve your strength, reduce your risk of heart disease and lower your blood pressure.

As if that wasn’t enough to hopefully encourage you to get up and move a new study in the May 16th issue of the journal JAMA Internal Medicine reveals that exercise may reduce your risk of 13 different cancers.

Reduce your risk of cancer with exercise

Reduce your risk of cancer with exercise

By engaging in approximately 21 minutes of moderate physical activity (yeah it’s exercise) daily you could reduce your risk of the following 13 cancers:

  • Esophageal cancer, a 42 percent lower risk
  • Liver cancer, a 27 percent lower risk
  • Lung cancer, a 26 percent lower risk
  • Kidney cancer, a 23 percent lower risk
  • Stomach cancer of the cardia (top portion of the stomach), a 22 percent lower risk
  • Endometrial cancer, a 21 percent lower risk
  • Myeloid leukemia, a 20 percent lower risk
  • Myeloma, a 17 percent lower risk
  • Colon cancer, a 16 percent lower risk
  • Head and neck cancer, a 15 percent lower risk
  • Rectal cancer, a 13 percent lower risk
  • Bladder cancer, a 13 percent lower risk
  • Breast cancer, a 10 percent lower risk

Not a bad investment of time if you ask me!

Plus this study showed that these results were achievable for a broad based population including those that are overweight or have a history of smoking (quitting smoking is still a great idea).

Leisure-time physical activity is defined as exercise done at one’s own discretion, often to improve or maintain fitness or health.

This doesn’t mean that you have to hit the gym for hours on end or run a marathon.

Find an activity that you enjoy, that you can include into a daily routine and that will raise your heart rate.

Some examples might include cycling, hiking, walking, running, swimming, and other moderate to vigorous intensity activities.

Get creative, be sure that you enjoy it and make it part of a daily routine.

C’mon….investing 21 minutes daily into an activity that you enjoy to improve your health and reduce your risk of a number of chronic diseases, including 13 different cancers, should be a no brainer.

With this exciting news you should be rearranging your schedule right now as you read this in order to carve out 21 minutes per day to invest in your most precious asset, your HEALTH!

Just about anyone, with very few exceptions, can improve their health by making simple lifestyle changes.  Don’t complicate things.

Simply starting by eating healthy, moving often, reducing your stress, getting good quality sleep and getting chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis is a solid foundation to improve your health and reduce your risk of chronic disease.

Don’t even think about whether or not you should include more physical activity into your day.  Just do it!  It’s worth it!

Challenge:  Send me an email to and let me know the activity or activities that you will be doing for at least 21 minutes daily to improve your health and reduce your risk of chronic disease.  Let me know and I will help hold you accountable!

As always I hope this information has served you and will take you one step closer to your desired health goals.

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Until we chat again remember:

Eat Well, Move Often and Stay Healthy!

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