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Seven Secrets for Combating Allergies Naturally

It may not feel like it but Spring has officially arrived!

Many of us, me included, look forward to Spring, its sun, warmth and all the wonderful outdoor activities!

For others Spring is an absolutely miserable time of the year!  A time of the year where you batten down the hatches and prepare to do battle! Why you ask?  Allergies!  Ah-Ah-Ahchoo!!!

The spring allergy season is just starting so NOW is the time to launch your PROACTIVE attack.  Don’t wait until you start sniffling and sneezing.  Make the appropriate changes now and enjoy your spring season a little better!

Right now is the calm before the storm…literally!

As we speak pollen is mounting its troops for a large, full scale, all-out aerial attack on those that are susceptible to allergies!

Soon we will all be in the midst of an unrelenting and chaotic pollen storm for the next several weeks! This fine substance that is necessary to perpetuate plant life will coat everything in its path.  It will get into every nook and cranny including the human respiratory tract.

It’s here in the respiratory tract where it either claims victory or is met with a formable foe, the human immune system!

It’s the immune system that makes all the difference between those that love spring and those that despise it!

If you are one of the lucky ones your immune system launches a counter attack on the invading pollen and neutralizes it.  If you are one of the unlucky ones then your immune system can’t keep pace with the pollen invaders and you will suffer from sneezing, coughing, itching, headaches, stuffy nose, red-swollen eyes, and a whole host of other undesirable symptoms.

However if you are one of the individuals who suffer with allergies don’t wave your white flag and surrender.  Be a scrapper and put up a fight!

There are several wonderful and natural approaches that you can take to lessen the burden of the pollen storm if not win the war.

Here are 7 Secrets For Combating Allergies Naturally:

  1.  Boost your immunity with diet:  always look to your diet first.  Eliminate sugar and grains which disrupt digestive and immune function.  Remember approximately 70% of your immune system resides in your gut so treat it right.  Focus on healthy veggies, fruits, fats and proteins like we share in our FirstLine Therapy Program.   Consume foods rich in natural anti-histamines such as garlic, onion, citrus fruits, parsley and broccoli to name a few.
  2. Consume local honey:  it is made from the same plants causing your allergic reactions. Taking in a small amount of the allergen works to boost your immune to fight off allergies quicker.  A wonderful allergy fighting combo is to drink green tea with local honey and lemon.  Consume honey in moderation as you do not want to disrupt your blood sugar balance.  Your immune system will love you!
  3. Supplement with probiotics:  they are the good bacteria that keep your intestinal tract healthy which by the way contains what percent of your immune system?  Don’t look above at number 1………yes it’s around 70%!  These friendly bacteria will help keep your immune system in tip top shape.
  4. Consume natural products like HistaEze™:  products such as this contain a fantastic mixture of vitamins and herbs such as vitamin C, quercetin and nettle leaf which are known to have antihistamine like properties as well as immune boosting properties to help you cruise through allergy season without major side effects.  Ask me for more information regarding HistaEze if you have questions.
  5. Change the air filters in your home:  at the very least you should change your air filters 2 times per year.  Select a quality filter with a high Filter Performance Rating (FPR) to remove any pollen, mold, dust, pet dander etc. that is floating around in your home.  This along with keeping your windows closed will help to lessen the burden on your immune system so it’s not constantly going to battle.
  6. Remove your shoes before entering your home:  this will help to reduce the amount of pollen and other allergens that you are tracking around the house.
  7. Wash your bedding more frequently:  pollen and other allergens love to hang out in pillows and bedding.  By washing them regularly you will greatly reduce your exposure.

So there you have it, 7 Secret tips to help you win the allergy and pollen war naturally this spring season!

Give them a try and let me know which ones are most effective for you!

As always I hope this information has served you and will take you one step closer to your desired health goals.

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