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Enough with the "New" obesity treatments

Periodically, ok probably more than periodically, I come across articles from “respectable” health educational sites that are, how should I say MORONIC!!

This past week I stumbled across an article from Medscape entitled:  Obesity: The Shocking Numbers and New Treatments. 

Here’s a link for you to check it out yourself: .

And let me just say…this article drives me crazy!

Throughout the article the author shares about how the rise of obesity throughout the world, including the United States is concerning.  He also comments about how obesity also contributes to other chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke to name a few.  He then goes on to share that eating too many calories, lack of physical activity, genetic predispositions and adopting western habits are all contributing to the rise of obesity.

Those statements I can NOT disagree with and I believe that the author is spot on.

What drives me insane is that he states “….a number of new treatments are already helping patients control their weight.”

The line-up of “new” treatments consists of such stars as:  a pacemaker like device inserted into the stomach that stimulates fullness, 3 different new types of balloons that are placed into the stomach and inflated to stimulate the feeling of fullness, capsules that ingest and expand to stimulate fullness, liners placed at the beginning of the intestines to block the release of hormones and medications to help burn fat.

Well sign me up!!  Are you freakin’ kidding me???

The author in the beginning of his piece intelligently identifies that the ingestion of too many calories, a western lifestyle of processed foods and a lack of physical activity as being the major causes of obesity and its associated chronic diseases.

HEY brainiac guess where “new” obesity treatments should be coming from?  Not some new medical devices or medications that promise the world and make bazillions of dollars for its manufactures and the doctors who prescribe them.

NO…how about treating the cause of obesity, poor dietary habits and the lack of physical activity.  Yes some people have a genetic predisposition for obesity. But guess what.  If they eat better and exercise they too will also improve their weight and health.

The Real Solution

Teach people how to eat better and move more.  Encourage them to choose real foods and to engage in regular physical activity.  Oh wait you can’t do that because that doesn’t pay as well and isn’t as good for the corporate bottom line like the pills and procedures.

These medical devices and pills do nothing to address the underlying cause of the problem.  People will take the pills and have the procedures and still not eat right and still not exercise.  Good health is just not about losing weight!  Anyone can lose weight.  Just don’t eat and I guarantee that eventually you will lose weight.  Is it healthy?  Absolutely not.

Likewise, will people lose weight with these “new” approaches?  I’m sure they will.  Is it healthy?  In my opinion absolutely not.  They will be starving themselves and robbing their bodies of vital nutrients which will eventually lead to other adverse health situations.

I’ve said it time and time again.  There are NO MAGIC BULLETS!

I’ve seen and worked with plenty of people who have had the “old” treatment for obesity.  You know gastric by-pass, lap band and all of these other garbage treatments and I’ve seen what it has done to them.  I had one patient who almost died during the procedure.  I’ve had a number of others who lost weight at the get go only to gain it all back.  Because they continue to eat junk and not exercise.  I’ve seen others eat the same old processed foods only to go to the bathroom and throw it up meal after the meal because they can’t choke down the food.  Is this a healthy way to live?  You tell me.

They are not addressing the underlying problem.  For many that are obese there is often an addiction to food or an underlying emotional attachment to food that provides comfort.  I’m not saying that breaking that habit is easy but it is necessary if you truly want to lose weight, get healthy and stay that way.

I believe these “quacks” offering up these “new” obesity treatments should go to jail for robbing overweight individuals of their money and health.

Weight loss will occur but at what cost physically and emotionally and for how long will it last.  I have my thoughts and opinions but what are yours?  What do you think about these “new” approaches?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  True health does not come from some magic potion, lotion, medicine or procedure.  Instead it comes from giving your body what it needs.  Real food and physical activity.  We’ve all been led to believe that health comes from a pill and it’s just that easy.  Right?

Sorry but having good health like most good things in life takes some effort.  I’m not saying go extreme and only drink green smoothies all day (all though they are good) and hit the gym for 3 hours per day.  But how about starting with getting your mind focused on what your goals are, making better dietary choices and moving a little each day. Make new and lasting healthy lifestyle habits which will earn you tremendous results.

The choice is yours!

Now I want to hear from you.  What’s your opinion on these “new” obesity treatments?  Do you think they are worth the gamble?

As always I hope this information has served you and will take you one step closer to your desired health goals.

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