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6 Super Healthy Habits To Help Raise Healthy Children

In my opinion children are an underserved population when it comes to maintaining good health.  Unless they have been diagnosed with a problem we just have a tendency to assume that all is well and good if they aren’t complaining or if we don’t see that something is obviously wrong.

What we need to remember is that kids are quite resilient.  For example many kids can get away with consuming lots of sugar or eating packaged foods and still maintain a healthy weight.  However,  just because they are a healthy weight doesn’t mean that it’s ok for them to consume lots of sugar and processed foods.  There is more to health then optimal weight.  Eventually these poor food choices will catch up with them at some point and the next thing you know they are battling obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure or some other chronic illness because of what they did during childhood.  The same goes with not exercising or getting less than adequate sleep.  Just because they are able to get by doesn’t mean that it’s ok.

Healthy Kids Need To Learn Healthy Habits

Healthy Kids Need To Learn Healthy Habits

In fact over the past 30 years obesity rates have doubled in children and more than tripled in teenagers in the United States and these trends are not showing any signs of slowing.

Today kids are falling victim to the conveniences of modern society.

They are engaging in less physical activity because kids are spending more time playing video games and on electronics.  Many school programs have also cut physical education classes and the amount of time spent for outdoor recess.  This leads to more inactivity.

Unfortunately we have also become a fast food nation.  Kids are of the mindset that “food” comes in a box and should be ready in 30 seconds or less.  Fast food consumption, processed foods, and sugar consumption are at all-time highs.

America runs on Dunkin.  Are you kidding me?  What kind of message is that sending to our youth?

We as parents, educators, adults need to take responsibility for properly educating our children today so that they set the stage for a healthy future.

Our children are our future!  They need to be well cared for and more importantly they need to know how to properly care for themselves.

Here are 6 Tips to help instill great health habits into your children today which will serve them for a lifetime.

  1.  Get them away from the electronics and get them outside.  Spring is an excellent time of the year to encourage your children to get outside and get active.  Being outside has so many wonderful benefits such as fresh air, sunshine, nature and endless options for physical activity.  Lead by example and establish family outdoor outings.  You will help create healthy kids and great memories.
  2. Provide your child with a pedometer.  Pedometers are simple, inexpensive wearable devices that allow an individual to track how many steps they have taken per day.  Kids love challenges and certainly welcome rewards.  A perfect opportunity to get your kids active is to challenge them to take 10,000 steps per day.  If they keep that up for one week reward them by renting their favorite movie, a toy or something else that would motivate them.  Keep it simple!
  3. Swap out sugary beverages for water.  So many children today are consuming too many sugary beverages like juice boxes, soda and sports drinks.  All this sugar can eventually lead to an unhealthy weight and other chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.  Instead share with your children the benefits of water.  Challenge them to drink at least half of their body weight in ounces of water per day (60 pound child should consume at least 30 ounces of water per day.  More if they are physically active and sweating.).  If they complain about the “taste” of water then get creative and add freshly squeezed lemons, limes or oranges.  Try infusing the water with berries for added flavor.
  4. Eat more fresh foods.  Spring is the time of the year that you’ll start to see all of the local farm markets popping up all over.  This is the perfect opportunity to bring your child along to teach them where “real” food comes from and why it’s important to consume plenty of fresh meats, eggs, veggies and fruits.  Real food does not come processed in a box.  Go to the market once per week and each time try a new item.  Invite them into the kitchen to help you prepare all of the fresh foods.  When it comes to healthy eating diversity and fresh foods are key.
  5. Help them get their Zzzzz’s.  Kids are notorious for wanting to stay up late.  But they are young, growing, they play hard and therefore need their rest.  Sleep is the time when they are repairing from all of the day’s damage and more importantly is when they are growing.  The ideal scenario is for children ages 3-5 to get 10-13 hours of sleep, ages 6-13 to get 9-11 hours of sleep, and ages 14-17 to get 8-10 hours of sleep.  Make sure they are getting plenty of quality sleep.
  6. Get them adjusted regularly.   Have you ever stopped to just watch your kids?  Watch what their body does when they are playing sports and the amount of exertion they use.  Watch their posture (or lack of J ) when they are reading, playing video games or sleeping.  Kids are active and get themselves into some interesting positions. As a result their physical structure takes a beaten. To help keep their structure, posture and nervous system healthy they should be evaluated and adjusted by a chiropractor on a regular basis to help maintain great health as well as prevent future problems.

Teaching your kids how to properly care for themselves now will not only result in immediate benefits but more importantly it will pay long term dividends in the form of good health for years to come.

Be sure to lead by example and make great health a family event!

As always, I hope this information has served you and will take you one step closer to your desired health goals.

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